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A Charity Ride to prepare for a Charity Ride?

Well there's nothing like getting the miles in and if you can support a good cause at the same time then everyone's a winner.

On Sunday 4th June Dennis and Andrew rode the 3CCR, organised each year by Easthampstead Rotary Club.

As the name suggests the ride covered three counties - Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, on a beautiful Sunday morning to make up a 54 mile loop. The entire course was marshalled or signposted so that all you needed to concentrate on was riding and not worrying about whether you'd gone down the wrong road.

The only really difficult bit for anyone who knows Bracknell is finding your way round the town's ring road to get to the start and finish.

The photo below shows Dennis and Andrew at the end of the ride considering the fact that for the Transplant Tour we'd need to get on our bikes again for another 30 miles after lunch and that we'd be doing exactly the same for another 5 days.

This may explain the rather fixed smiles - however there's still time for more preparation. For all the riders on the Transplant Tour there's the consoling thought that we all have time to follow 15 weeks to fitness which you can find on the website here

The Rotary Club does brilliant work for raising funds for local charities so we were both happy to make a donation to thank them for the great organisation and friendly members at the drink stops - you can see more about the charity ride here

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